Our Story


Namaste!  I am Jia, Owner and co- founder of Vedalife, an eco-conscious and artisanal, luxury lifestyle and wellness brand. We are based in the beautiful Prairie city of Winnipeg in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

Vedalife was born out of the realization that a sense of well being does not purely stem from physical wellness, but is a synergistic interaction of mind, body, and soul. I have a history of autoimmune disease in my family, and my son and I had been facing our own respective health concerns over the last couple of years. So, on my quest for a holistic wellness, my research led me back to my roots, to India, where I was born and raised. I grew up, healthy and happy, in a very spiritually inclined household, where Vedic wisdom was imbibed and practised in our daily lives. Conversations about chakras, auras, energy, Vedic astrology, mantras etc. were commonplace. However, shuttling between multiple continents, life had taken its toll on me and somehow over the years I had lost that connection to my roots. Luckily, I have now found my way back.

As I researched more into the ancient Vedic lifestyle, I also found it to be a very sustainable way of living, mindful of the environment and an individual’s impact on it……. which truly delighted me as I am quite conscious about the way my lifestyle choices affect the environment. During the course of my research, I also found several scientific resources too that verified what Ayurveda and the Vedic lifestyle had been preaching for so long.

Armed with knowledge from my childhood and wisdom from my life experiences, it became my mission to introduce a wellness and lifestyle brand, that would make the holistic Vedic lifestyle choices accessible to everybody, irrespective of age, weight, fitness levels etc.

We are a small, family owned, and woman run business. Being at the helm of operations at Vedalife, things do get a bit hectic for me at times, but I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who steps in to help when things get too overwhelming and an adorable son, whose warm hugs melt the stress of my days away.

My commitment to you is to bring an array of wellness  and lifestyle products designed to energize your body, relax your mind and nurture your soul through Vedalife- The Wellness Gateway